The 1911 Semi-Auto is an American Icon

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Kimber Pro Carry   Most people probably don’t know that the infamous 1911 has the longest military carrer of any service pistol in America’s history. As a matter of fact, the 1911 remained the go to pistol of America’s infantry from 1911 to 1985. We don’t need to state how dependable and functional a pistol must be to have lasted as long as the 1911. In fact, some special forces units choose to carry the 1911 today.

The history of the 1911 can be originally traced to John Browning. The 1911 is Browning’s finest creation by far, with most automatic pistols sharing some copied characteristic of his original design. Browning’s 1911 design was created out of necessity in the late 1890′s as a replacement for the revolver. We were looking for a self-loading semi-automatic pistol to replace the revolver. Not only did Browning rise to the occasion, but his design has most definitely stood the test of time. Today it is probably the most widely used handgun among competitive shooters. From IDPA, to USPSA, you will see more 1911′s on the line than any other model. The original design was a “single stack magazine” that held 7 cartridges. The .45acp cartridge was created to offer adequate stopping power when needed. The .45acp proved to be the best cartridge for battle due to it’s ability to put down an enemy combatant with one shot. Other smaller calibers, such as the 9mm luger, proved to be much less effective with regard to stopping power.

For me the ultimate concealed carry pistol has to be the 1911. Today’s sub-compact designs, combined with a thin profile and powerful .45acp cartridge make them the ultimate carry pistol. Some will argue that other pistols can contain more cartridges, but they can’t compete with the stopping power of the .45. A good shot with a fully loaded 1911 brings plenty to the party! If you’re trying to decide on a carry weapon, you must give the 1911 a good hard look.


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