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I guess it was merely a matter of time before gun manufacturers, as well as private citizens began to show their disdain for the many Gun Control proposals coming forth in local and Federal Government. This behavior was not unexpected, nor is it the first time that Gun owners and manufacturers decided to take a stand against legislation they felt was “unconstitutional”. An example being that the Governor of New York “Andrew Cuomo” signed the strictest gun control measures of any state in January. This included a stricter ban on what “they” define as assault weapons and a prohibition of magazines holding more than 7 cartridges. Obviously Mayor Michael Bloomberg was elated with this legislation as he is renowned for his Gun Control backing and proposals.

I hate to go cliche on you, but we warned in earlier articles of lawmakers not “seeing the forest for the trees”, or even better, “throwing a rock in the pond not knowing where the ripples go”. Not only are we going to lose jobs due to a reduction in gun sales to citizens who have the “RIGHT” to protect themselves, but there are now many companies threatening to move their facilities if proposed legislation is passed. May we remind readers that these companies are not small in stature and influence, but are rather large like Beretta and Magpul. Maryland based Beretta is already being solicited by many other states that oppose the new legislation and are encouraging Beretta to consider their states as a possible home.

The stance against the proposed legislation in New York prompted more than 100 gun dealers to declare they will Stop Gun Sales to Police and Government agencies if the latest proposals are signed in to law. Can you really blame them folks? Let’s really define what we’re talking about here. We have a few deranged individuals who lost their grip on reality in 2012 and used a firearm to murder the innocent. Let’s go hypothetical for a moment and say that firearms don’t exist. Do you really believe that would have stopped these ill people from taking innocent lives? Of course not. They would have simply found another means to an end. There are multiple different weapons to choose from that are readily available to the public. Homemade explosives, poisons, vehicles, the list is long………The fact of the matter is, when a deranged individual intends to do harm, he/she will go to whatever means necessary to accomplish their goal. Gun control will only ensure that there will be no one shooting back when a stolen pistol or rifle is used to kill. We need to ban together if we’re to have any influence on the few who think they can spit on the constitution like it were a piece of trash on the sidewalk. We as Americans have the civil duty to stand up against these individuals who believe they can rewrite the Constitution that made our great country the strongest Free society this planet has ever witnessed. Let’s put on our patriotic hats people!

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