Pistol Choices for Women

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S&W Airlite
S&W Airlite

My wife is a big proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and she saves lives for a living. Yes, you heard right, my wife fights cancer every day. My wife is a woman that is so intelligent, I often times find myself in awe of her problem solving skills. ¬†She’s a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, and Cancer Fighter. She also understands the importance of preserving/promoting the Second Amendment. She has always been fond of shooting. As a matter of fact, I can turn her loose at the range with my Browning Buck-mark .22 semi-auto, and she will shoot until there’s no more ammo.

My wife has never really considered buying a handgun. She is usually never in a position that she feels threatened. This is exactly why criminals prey on the unsuspecting. When it comes to females, the purpose of training and carrying a weapon is the best way to deter a would be criminal. In most cases they lack the physical skills to handle themselves in a hand to hand conflict. This makes women much more vulnerable to attack.

Now, my wife is fairly clumsy. I personally find this trait endearing, but when it comes to gun safety, clumsiness and guns go together like pickles and ice cream. It’s for this reason there are limited choices for the “ideal” handgun for my wife to carry. Pistol Choices for Women should be carefully considered based on many factors. Personality, motor skills, lifestyle, and routes of travel must all be considered in order to provide a person a firearm that’s an ideal match to that person.

As I consider the possibilities, I choose the method of eliminating the handguns I know are not suitable for this person to carry. I also know that other than range time, my wife will not be handling her weapon often. This means simplicity is the key to safety. There are immediate handguns to rule out right away. Semi-Autos with no safety, such as Glocks are immediately ruled out for obvious reasons. Single action autos with safety’s are the second handgun to be ruled out. Although this class of handguns are safer than the no manual safety semi-auto, they still require a conscious effort to engage the manual safety when a round is chambered. Now that we’ve eliminated the most dangerous options for this person’s carry options, let’s consider the possible candidates. Revolvers are the first that come to mind. Why a revolver you ask? Revolvers are considered “double-action” pistols, in that a full cycle of the trigger is required in order to engage the firing pin. Once fired, this pistol returns to it’s full cycle position, meaning the firing pin is not “reset” to the ready. In other words, a double-action only pistol is never “cocked” unless the hammer is manually pulled rearward. We can go a step further with this and look at “hammerless” revolvers. This class of revolver has no exposed hammer that can be manually cocked or pulled rearward with your thumb while handling the pistol. This simply means that although this pistol may be loaded, it will always require a full cycle trigger pull in order to discharge a round. The revolver also allows the shooter to easily glance at this weapon and know immediately whether or not it is loaded. This decreases the chances of an accidental discharge exponentially. A clear visual inspection determining whether a pistol is loaded or not is huge when it comes to safety. So, when it comes to Pistol Choices for Women, or any person that does not handle their weapon on a regular basis for that matter, the revolver is an excellent choice. To take it a step further, revolvers are clearly the easiest pistols to clean, as the barrel/chambers are easily accessible without having to disassemble the firearm.

While there are semi-auto handguns that we could pick from, such as semi-autos with manual de-cockers, or manual hammer drops. This class of weapon is still much more dangerous than the revolver. The main reason this pistol is a less likely candidate is the inability to clearly tell whether this pistol has a chambered round or not. As you can see, when it comes to safer handguns, in my mind the revolver is by far the best candidate for a person like my wife. These days there are fairly large calibers that come in a very small, light package. the Smith and Wesson Airlite is the first that comes to mind. This traditional “J” frame revolver can be bought with an extremely light frame, but in a larger caliber such as .357 magnum, or .38 +P. This class of revolver can be bought with an unloaded weight of 15 ounces, which is extremely light for a medium caliber such as the .38.

Regardless of the pistol you decide to carry, it’s very important to consider all the factors involved in the decision process. With the number one factor being safety. Safety trumps all other considerations when it comes to a handgun purchase. Especially for the less experienced shooters who carry for personal protection only. We here at GRFA recommend that regardless of your choice, you should make sure you have a means of practicing with your weapon. There are indoor/outdoor shooting ranges all over the country that can be accessible to the public. Chances are you already have a family member or friend with ready access to a range. Gaining experience is vital to carrying your handgun safely. All handguns behave differently, and fully understanding your handguns operation is crucial to anyone choosing to own/carry. Remember to shoot more, and shoot more often.


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