New Gun Laws Constitutional?

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The battle lines are being drawn folks. The President has made it clear that he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to create new legislation that will make it harder for Americans to buy and own firearms. We must take a long, hard look at our representatives, and what side of the fence they align themselves with on this matter. Are stricter gun laws needed to curb violence in our country? We believe that not only is this the wrong direction, but restrictions will only embolden would be criminals and psychopaths to act on their sick agendas. There are some simple statistics that make it very clear attacking the Second Amendment is not just unconstitutional, it’s just plain wrong. Are new gun laws constitutional? Absolutely not!

Gun related deaths are in the 30K range relative to our populous annually. With the majority being self-inflicted deaths, or suicide. When you consider that there are well over 300 million people in the United States, that comes to .0001% of gun related deaths on average per capita. The simple fact that 1 one hundred thousandth of 1 percent of our population are effected by a shooting begs the question, why is there so much focus on restricting our Second Amendment? I’ll tell you what I believe causes this. Shootings are violent, and violence makes for news. The simple fact is, if the major news channels in our country didn’t exploit stories surrounding gun violence, then this would be a non-issue. We are not saying that the tragedy in Sandy Hook, or the theater shooting in Aurora don’t deserve to be reported. We’re simply saying that the focus always comes back to the Second Amendment. There are too many who believe that if we restrict guns that our level of violence will drop. The simple fact of the matter is, people who intentionally commit gun related crimes do so with a gun they usually did not buy, but acquired illegally. Those who intend to do harm are not worried about acquiring a firearm legally. It also goes without saying that if a psychopath has an agenda, then a firearm will not be his/her only tool available to carry out a despicable deed.

Let’s be sensible about this, the root of this problem is completely psychological. People that commit gun violence are generally very disturbed individuals. Doesn’t this mean that our focus should be more on our ability to recognize these individuals before they “leave the reservation”? There are entirely too many people wandering our streets that are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It’s in our nature “not to get involved”. We would rather walk on by, ignoring odd behavior in hopes that we won’t ever have to encounter this person again. It continues to rear it’s ugly head when these folks snap, someone should have noticed the odd behavior coming from these individuals. Not only should we notice this behavior, but we have a moral obligation to act on this recognition. We can no longer continue to ignore that there are some seriously mentally ill people in our country. There are no laws on the books that require us to act on this recognition, but there should be. A psych evaluation is needed on many individuals right now. Those of you reading this article right now probably know someone who comes in to question. The big issue here is infringing on individual rights. Not getting involved feels like the right thing to do, when it should be just the opposite. The main problem here is, who do we report these individuals to? There are no real avenues in place in our communities where we can dial a number similar to 911 and report some very odd behavior. Do we need such a number? I’m not saying we should spend millions of tax dollars in creating a new department of our government devoted to this. What I am saying is that our local government needs to rethink how we look at individuals who are clearly disturbed. Rather than waiting on a crime to be committed before acting, we need a way to recognize and deal with these people before they turn to violence. Of course these suggestions raise more questions than answers, but if we’re to have a real impact on this problem, we have to talk about it, then act on it.

It’s obvious what direction some of our government leaders are going on the subject. If you have a couple of bad weeds in your yard do you kill everything in the yard in order to take care of the problem? If one of your children starts running with the wrong crowd at school, do you get rid of all of these children in order to fix the problem? Of course not. It’s the same principle with guns. We must learn to recognize individuals who have the potential to commit a Sandy Hook or Aurora if we’re to have a real impact on this problem. The simple fact is that the majority of gun owners are law abiding, tax paying, productive citizens who not only choose to own a firearm, but are entitled to do so by the founding fathers of our great country. I personally own guns that have been handed down through generations, and not only are these guns used to protect and provide, but they are very near and dear to my heart.



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