Joe Biden makes Gun Control Pitch in Virginia

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As the President and Vice-President begin their campaign to promote their agenda to place new restrictions on firearms, Joe Biden makes Gun Control pitch in Virginia on Friday.

It is going to be much more detailed, but it appears on the surface that their intent is to place a full ban on assault weapons altogether. They also want to tighten the background process to ensure guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. The detailed classification of what the government now sees as an “assault weapon” is yet to be heard. Our best guess is that this will cover all AR style rifles. Of course there is much to learn about the details of their “master plan”, and we will bring those details to you as soon as they’re released.

There are a few details about this proposal that need to be considered. First, and most important is jobs. Placing a ban on Assault weapons will place thousands out of work overnight. Obviously the manufacturers in the states will be shut down, as well as retail establishments that focus on the sale of these firearms. There will also be a huge reduction in the purchase of ammunition that these rifles use, meaning the loss of more jobs. The companies that don’t focus their efforts on assault weapons alone may survive, but will definitely be forced to reduce their labor force.

There is another way to look at this. The main focus here is obviously about the “rate of fire”, or the ability to put “X” number of hi-powered rifle rounds down range within a certain time frame. As it currently stands, you can buy a semi-auto rifle that shoots extremely accurate, long distance cartridges as fast as you can pull the trigger until the magazine is empty. Why are we not focusing on the modification of the existing weapons instead of a “BAN”. In other words, we need to focus efforts on modifying existing firearms that fall in to this category. Making it so that their rate of fire is slowed to a specified speed. As far as limiting magazine capacities, this is a re-visit of the Clinton Administration. President Clinton’s restrictions on magazine capacity has since expired, and as far as we’re concerned, that legislation had no real impact on gun violence.

As full ban on assault weapons is an extreme move that will have a ripple effect on our economy. One that has probably not even been considered by this administration. I hate to use an old “cliche”, but “when you throw a rock in a pond, you had better know where the ripples go”. It’s obvious that the current government is very motivated to pass some form of legislation restricting the use of assault weapons. We are not encouraging the modification of existing firearms, or a ban. But if there has to be some legislation passed, why not look at all possibly ramifications of such a ban.

The root of this problem is in our society. We must get a grip on the behavior of our citizens if we’re going to see a real change in this country’s behavior. Restricting the liberties of Americans is not the right direction. Make your opinion known. If you feel strongly about this subject one way or another, please click the forum tab on our menu and post your opinions.


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