Gun Owners made a Mass Showing for Gun Rights

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This weekend marked a strong statement in direct dispute of the President’s efforts to enact new gun laws. Gun Owners made a Mass Showing for Gun Rights all over the nation. From Connecticut to Texas, citizens that believe in our right to keep and bear arms made their presence known by gathering at different capitals in various states over the weekend. As we stated in an earlier article, the media shares much of the blame for flaming the flames of those in opposition to the Second Amendment. The fact still remains that an Extremely Small portion of our citizens are effected by gun violence each year. In fact, the number of deaths equate to nearly .0001% of the population of nearly 300 million in this great country.

The gathering of citizens was a real statement this weekend. In my home state of Tennessee, approximately 1,000 residents showed up in Nashville to protest peacefully. Hartford Connecticut saw nearly 1,000 gun advocates rally near the capital as well. there were showings in New York, Texas, Oregon, South Dakota, and Alabama to name a few. In some areas only a few dozen gathered, while in other areas a few thousand came together. Many of these folks who rallied are also using Social Media outlets on line to make their voices heard. These rallies were mostly put together by “Guns Across America”…… We are not directly affiliated with GAA, but we admire their efforts. This movement is just one more addition to the Second Amendment “Arsenal”.

When it comes to the safety of Americans, our ability to keep and bear arms is not only a right that is deep rooted in our country’s history, but it was intended to ensure the people of this great country have the ability to unite and stand against tyranny. Whether it comes from criminals that intend to take what doesn’t belong to them, or from local and Federal Government. With our national debt mounting with no cuts in sight, our dollar will continue to lose value. Although we’re far from Martial Law in this country, it’s a very real possibility. If not for our generation, for our children or grandchildren. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians will use smoke and mirrors to avoid the real issues. The fact of the matter is, we have jobs leaving our shores, a mounting debt that no one is taking seriously, and a government that believes they know what’s right for for it’s citizens. I’ll stop rambling now, but I would like to leave you with one statement that bothers me. President Obama is jumping on the Gun Restrictions bandwagon, yet he utilizes armed government employees to protect himself and his family. Guns and Americans go together like biscuits and gravy. One is just not as good without the other. We must never forget that firearms played a critical role in the freedom we enjoy today. We owe more to firearms that most people are willing to admit. Gun Owners made a Mass Showing for Gun Rights this weekend, let’s band together to protect our Second Amendment! God bless America!


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