Gun Laws are the Enemy of Freedom

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Treadonme As we sit back and contemplate the events of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we must keep in mind that the Second Amendment is our first line of defense against much more than criminals in our neighborhoods. In fact, Gun Rights were ensured to protect the people from government, as well as other citizens who would do us harm. The intention is to keep the government from stripping liberties from Americans. That’s why Gun Laws are the Enemy of Freedom. Thomas Jefferson put it best, “When Governments fear people, there is liberty.  When the people fear Government, there is tyranny.” The image above is not only a symbol of American history, it’s also the flag of Gadsden, Alabama.

The future of the Second Amendment will always suffer harsh scrutiny due to events like the Sandy Hook tragedy. We at GRFA condemn the acts of the evil soul that took so many young lives in Connecticut. We must remember however, the acts of one shouldn’t dictate the ability of Americans to protect themselves. There are many considerations to be made regarding the Sandy Hook massacre, but stripping firearms from our citizens should not be one of them.


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