Connecticut Gun Law Proposal Dumbest Ever

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ConnflagWell it’s starting to happen folks. The legislators in Connecticut are going off the deep end with a proposal that bears no merit, and will definitely do more harm to the innocent than any other proposal in the states history. This proposal would make all legal gun owners names a public record. Yes, you heard right, if this passes and you are a legal gun owner in Connecticut, everyone will know it. Including of course, the bad guys! The real threat here is to the citizens who don’t own any firearms.

Let’s think about this proposal from a sheer logical standpoint for a moment. Let’s say I’m a criminal looking for a home in an affluent neighborhood to burglarize. Before now I had no idea if the homeowner is protecting himself/herself with a firearm. But wait, the lawmakers have decided to help me out in this case! All I need to do is get the names of the people who own the homes in the area I’m targeting, and simply contact the government to find out whether or not these folks are gun owners or not. Yes folks, you heard right. If this law passes it will make it easier than ever for criminals to target the innocent by eliminating the gun toting homeowners in any particular community in Connecticut.

Now, we here at GRFA don’t need to tell it’s readers how dumb this idea is. Or do we? We don’t argue that some well thought out legislation is not warranted after such a despicable crime, but this proposal is definitely a step in the wrong direction. Well first of all, let’s just look at this from a simple standpoint. The house on the left is a registered gun owner who is more than likely packing a loaded firearm, while the home on the right isn’t. Which home do you suppose a criminal is more likely to target? Criminals are inherently stupid, but even the dumbest of people can make the right decision in this case.

Connecticut is definitely needing some reform to protect the innocent, but this proposal just flies in the face of common sense. Unfortunately, it’s the innocent who choose not to protect themselves with firearms that will be targeted by criminals in this case. Thus undermining the very purpose of the legislation. If we’re going to make Connecticut safer, this is most definitely NOT the way to go about it. We don’t claim to have the right answer, but we know one thing for sure, the idiot that conjured up this idea needs to find another career. He/She does not need to be making such a proposal without careful consideration. It couldn’t be more obvious that careful thought and planning was not a priority on the mind of the individual that came up with this idea. Come on folks, we can do better than this can’t we? Let’s hope that this proposal never makes it to a ballot, because if it does, it will be a gross waste of valuable time and resources that could be put to much better use with some logical legislation. Is this Connecticut Gun Law Proposal the Dumbest Ever? You be the judge.



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