Colorado Gun Vote

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One of the largest magazine producers in the country has made it very clear that they will uproot their operation in Colorado if the proposal in the state passes this weekend. Magpul, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of gun magazines for pistols and rifles, also employs over 600 employees in the state of Colorado. The company’s Chief Operating Officer, “Doug Smith”, made it very clear, “via a Facebook post”, that the proposed bill that made it through the Democratically controlled House on Friday which limits the number of rounds a magazine can hold. Smith said this would force his operation to pick up and move elsewhere. The proposal would limit a magazine capacity to 15 rounds, with current owners of larger magazines Grandfathered in. There is a catch however. Current owners must identify and register existing magazines with a Government database. It should also be noted that Magpul’s business is expected to contribute more than $85,000,000 to Colorado’s economy in 2013.

Smith makes a very valid point by stating, “this bill will not improve public safety, will not reduce crime, and would endanger the citizens of Colorado by restricting their ability to defend themselves”. Smith went on to say that “anyone who votes in favor of this bill is also voting to drive more than 600 jobs out of Colorado”. Let’s reiterate what GRFA has been saying all along, if restrictions are placed on magazine capacity, or any other type of firearm restriction is passed, it will deal a serious blow to an already struggling economy. It all comes down to simple economics. If you do away with demand, then the supply is no longer needed. The supply is provided by hard working Americans. It comes down to our corny but all too true analogy……”If you throw a rock in a pond, you had better know where the ripples go”. Not only does this government not know where the ripples go, they are hurling Boulders in to a bathtub with this legislation! Let’s pray that they come to their senses and stop these ridiculous proposals before it’s too late.

This Democratically proposed bill has two other parts. The second of which would ban concealed carry permit holders from carrying on the campuses of colleges. The third would require all potential gun owner applicants pay for their background checks. There were a few Democrats who argued the proposals. One of which was Ed Vigil of Southern Colorado who stated, “We should be going down the path of making mental health available to people who really need it”. This is the first time Colorado legislators have come together on this issue since the shooting in Aurora happened earlier in 2012.

Make no mistake folks, the vote in Colorado this weekend is merely the beginning of what Democrats are hoping is a wave of efforts to stamp out the Second Amendment. We must stand united and be heard if we’re to come out the other side of this battle victorious. Regardless of the outcome in Colorado, the issue will be a Hot Topic throughout 2013. This debate/vote in Colorado is merely one of many to come. If you cherish your firearms and your ability to protect yourself and your family, you must reach out to your local representatives to make your voice heard! We at GRFA will continue to bring you related topics as we come across them. This is one battle that we can/must win! God Bless you, and God Bless America!


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