Tikka is a tack driver from the box

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    When it comes to accuracy you have to mention Sako. Tikka is the “economical” version of the Sako. But don’t let the word economy steer you away, Tikka is a tack-driver from the box. I have owned the … Continued


Deer That Show No Fear

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 My friends and I frequently play golf at a local club that is wildlife friendly. So much so that there are feeders strategically placed at different locations on the course. This relationship allows golfers to get unbelievably close to these … Continued


Gun Law Gets Georgia Vote

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      This article portrays a negative image on this proposal. We ask that you read it through before getting your tail feathers all ruffled. We at Gun Rights For All believe that crime rates will drop in Georgia as … Continued


Georgia Gun Law Revision to be heard

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This proposed legislation should excite victims of gun theft that currently have no way of recovering their stolen firearm. Your registered Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun will be run through a database in order to find it’s rightful owner. We at … Continued


Best Ammo for Home Defense

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When it comes to self defense of yourself or your home, ammunition selection can be confusing. Thus leaving most consumers that are uneducated to rely on the advice of an hourly employee at the store to offer their personal opinions. … Continued

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